Taking new clients as of 7/2019.

Taking new clients as of 7/2019.

In studies, after 10-12 couples therapy sessions, 65% of couples report that relational distress has been resolved and 90% report improvement.
— Greenfield (2013)
Bring back the humor.

Bring back the humor.

Individual & group therapy


There is a solution. Give yourself the chance to get better. If you really gave up, you wouldn’t be on my page right now.

Hypnotherapy/Guided Imagery

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Before your life is ruined by your old ways, let’s work as a team to get hold of it before it gets hold of your present and future permanently.

Relationship counseling

Tap into your relationship’s strength that once burned brightly. Stop the toxic patterns before they take over.


I have experience working with various individuals from all walks of life. Trauma & issues certainly do not discriminate but there IS a solution for everybody willing to seek it. If you’re interested to learn more, click below and welcome to my page!