Together, let’s help you to drop those heavy weights. It isn’t easy when your partner is suffering. It’s draining, heart breaking and even scary at times, —isn’t it— to watch their trauma chip away at their joy? Together, we’ll work as a team to address the triggers that followed the trauma. The relationship can’t help but be impacted by those events. Actively helping yourselves can start with a call to me. Give yourselves the chance to breathe again and call me before that trauma ruins your relationship beyond repair. No matter the cause of the underlying trauma, we can work through this.


Trauma Recovery


Reconnect with your inner child when originally hurt. S/he has been waiting a long time for you to show up.

Addiction Recovery

Numbing the hurt is understandable and common. Learn healthier and even fun ways to get through it.

Couples Recovery

When fear of triggering or becoming triggered develops into your norm, the love bond has been impacted. Stop the pattern before it takes over.


I have years of experience helping people like you heal from trauma. Please click below to learn more about me.